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Roots – wine importing company from Ukraine. We explore the world in search of new terroirs, charismatic winemakers and distinctive wines. By selecting and bringing such wines to Ukraine, we broaden the horizons of those, who are passionately interested in wine.

Our general rule in wines selection is quite simple - we import only the wines we would gladly enjoy ourselves! We search among only family owned european wineries which focus on quality and authentic wines made with maximum care and respect for nature. Similar to roots system, our portfolio extends deep and wide amongst both classic and modern perspective wine regions of Europe.



Roots company was founded in autumn 2018 by two friends, who had been many years exploring the world of wine: Sergii Pylypenko as a connoisseur and Viktor Oliinykov as a professional. Sergii had desire and inspiration to invest in the project, taking part in crucial decisions while Viktor was up to manage and develop it. Together friends share ambition to give an additional impulse to ukrainian wine market and introduce to the ukrainians the most interesting and actual wine trends of Europe.

During first two years of existence we managed to collect impressive portfolio from more than 100 wineries from 7 european countries. We don’t know yet in which wine regions we will finally find ourselves during our exploration but we do definitely know that our route is led by exciting and extraordinary wines!



Being a small team from the start, we want to be effective and in our work we always try to follow the eternal principles of nature: good, trust, honesty, respect and justice.

We believe that relations between people needed to be grown same meticulously as grape vine in the vineyard. We believe, that balance should be present in life, like in good wine. We made sure of this communicating with our winemaking partners.

Such approach lets us have what we value most in our team: family atmosphere, close and transparent relationships, freedom of action and guidance by common sense during taking decisions.   


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